Atlanta Rovers

Coach Kian is an integral part of the success of Atlanta Rovers FC

Atlanta Rovers FC Coach: fitness and conditioning 

Naghepour, a veteran and highly skilled fitness and conditioning coach, always makes it a point to make sure all the players of Atlanta Rovers FC are fit and competitive at all times.

The drive and passion of coach Kian, as he is popularly known in the soccer world, made his players drive for success in every game.

Among his peers, Coach Kian is a certified personal trainer, youth exercise specialist, senior fitness specialist, and fitness nutrition specialist. Coach Kian believes that exercise can be a key to health and happiness. 

He had over 20 years of experience playing semipro soccer and table tennis, coaching, and fitness training using a unique sports medicine style. What makes Coach Kian highly efficient is his drive to motivate his players to achieve their fitness goals by improving their fitness level, helping them achieve their best physical and technical skills, and increasing strength, agility, balance, endurance, and mobility.

His highly effective rehab fitness exercise program helped many clients get back into the game after having major surgeries. Coach Kian’s colorful fitness and coaching career started as a soccer player at Pars soccer academy in North Iran, where he played at all levels for this academy. 

He also played at the youth level for first division club Shaheen in Tehran and was selected to play for the Iranian premier league. However, his soccer career was cut short due to discrimination (different religions). At age 30, Coach Kian immigrated to the United States and played soccer at the ADSL level with several clubs, including Southern, Parsians, Aras, and Rovers.

Coach Kian in brief:

Address: 281 Shalloway Dr., Kennesaw, Georgia 30144.

Phone: 678-637-8903


Chattahoochee Technical College in Marietta, GA – 1997 to 2002

Drafting Diploma, Associate Degree in Applied Technology.

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) 2008

Certified personal trainer, youth exercise specialist, senior fitness specialist, and fitness nutrition specialist.

Sports Management Worldwide; Portland, Oregon, USA

Soccer Analytics, Wyscout Certificate, 2018

Training included: Sabermetrics, the role of analytics in soccer, advanced soccer statistics, data-driven advanced scouting and in-game preparation with Wyscout, and how to capture, tag, and analyze soccer video and data. (Mentored by Richard Trafford, Wyscout International, Lee Fraser, Newcastle United Talent ID, and Matt Martin, Portland Timbers Area Scout)


Year: 2006–Present

Coaching Soccer and Fitness Training.

Working one-on-one and in groups with soccer players, helping them improve their skills and fitness and motivating them to achieve their best physical and technical skills, increase strength, agility, and mobility using unique knowledge in sports medicine.