Atlanta Rovers

About Rovers FC

About Atlanta Rovers

Rover Soccer Club of Atlanta, the largest veterans soccer club in Georgia. The club is known for having a long tradition of teams winning many local, regional leagues and tournaments including 2 National Championships. The club has teams in open and over 30, 40, 50s and 60s.

Veteran’s Cup teams in several age groups, lcaal tournament teams competing in metropolitan Atlanta, and regional tournament teams competing recently in Orlando, Charleston, Wilmington, etc. Rovers team members are on the local Over-65 (O65) team that is three-time defending national champions in the Veteran’s Cup competition.

Current Teams, Spring 2013:

  1. Rovers White D1
  2. Rovers Real Pollo D2
  3. Rovers Blue D2
  4. Rovers Orange D2
  5. Rovers Gold O30
  6. Rovers (Roswell O30)
  7. Rovers Green O40
  8. Rovers Red O50
  9. Rovers Chrome O50
  10. Rovers Masters O50

General Info

Cobb Adult Soccer League Div 1, Div 2 , Div 3, Over-30, Over-40 
Roswell Adult Soccer League Over-30 and Over-50We train and compete in other leagues around Atlanta.
We will training at various locations in Cobb and Fulton Counties. We will announce locations as well move into the new seasons.
We participate in many tournaments through out the year including the Low Country Invitational, Jack Frost, Atlanta Summer Blast, Florida Classic, National Veterans Cup and many others.
We are a community of soccer players who that come together under the Atlanta RoversFC. We base our club on excellence and upholding the highest standards on and off the pitch.

If you have questions or special requests, please email or ….we will change emails once we decide on a url.

Rovers F.C. Mission, Goals & Objectives

Organized for adult players

  • Encouraging play by members across age groups 18+, current members from 18 to 76
  • Currently Men’s players and teams, In the future, Co-ed or Women’s teams also.
  • Open to current and former team members, status: Active (player), Retired, Social / Sponsor
  • Serving northwestern metropolitan Atlanta
  • Enriching & improving play (individual player development, consistent with US Soccer)
  • Building lasting friendship; adhering to sportsmanship and the spirit and laws of the game

Playing in Soccer Leagues & Competitions

  • Leagues: Fielding teams in leagues at various playing levels and age groups
  • Off-season leagues for training and Rovers club play
  • Training during regular league seasonal play
  • League-supported weekday training
  • Organized weekday leagues for training
  • Ad Hoc training off season
  • Tournaments: Entering Local, Regional & National Competition
  • Teams have competed in tournaments, such as: Frosty Balls, Charleston (Memorial Day), Orlando (February), National & Veterans Cup (July)
  • Rovers Fest: an intra-club festival and competition among all interested playing members

Building & Supporting Soccer Community

  • Referees: Youth and adult referees
  • Coaches: Youth team coaching
  • Trainers: Youth trainers. Rovers team and tournament training and coaching.
  • Managers: Youth team and Rovers team mangers
  • Leadership in leagues (CASL, Roswell, youth, etc.) and GA Soccer
  • Pro Bono, Benefits, such as Father Christmas Cup, Japan Tsunami (with FC Ga Utd), NASA, others, such as with Hammers, and for members.
  • Atlanta Soccer News, run by members
  • Advocating for soccer to all audiences of the club
  • Events: Rovers Party, Rovers SoccerFest
  • LinkedIn group: “Atlanta Soccer Friends”
  • Proposed: Professional Business Directory, Job Finder

Community Connections: Rovers Personal & Professional Connections:

Organizing & Funding for the Mission, Goals & Objectives

  • Establishing & Perpetuating an organizational structure: Board (managers plus?), Committees
  • Funding the mission, annual activities and long-term goals (projects).
  • Sources & Uses of Funds
  • Sources: Sponsorships (Club & Team), Player fees, Event fees
  • Uses: Kit, Logo wear, team gear (flags, balls), Events, Projects (a field)